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Jodi’s Race for Awareness has gone virtual!

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers is a proud sponsor of Jodi’s Race. You can still join in on the fun. Visit to sign up.

About Jodi’s Race

Jodi’s Race for Awareness™ was the inspiration of Jodi Brammeier, a Colorado native, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2008 at age 41. She was unaware of the vague and often misdiagnosed symptoms. Since there is no accurate screening test for ovarian cancer, Jodi made it her mission to raise awareness of the risk factors and symptoms through this 5K and 1-mile run/walk. She believed she would have caught the cancer earlier had she only been more aware of the signs and symptoms. Her hope was for other women to find their cancer when odds of survival are much better, in hopes that some of the 15,000 women diagnosed each year might stand a chance to win the fight against this deadly disease.

How to Participate in Jodi’s Race for Awareness

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance. For more information, and to sign up for the virtual event please visit the Jodi’s Race website.

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