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Notice of Privacy Practices and Terms of Use for the Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Facebook Page:

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers maintains this page as a place to share information and to receive feedback. PLEASE DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFORMATION ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE AS IT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. This page will not be used for personal medical advice. Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers reserves the right to monitor posts on this page, and to hide or delete posts or take a conversation offline in order to protect patient privacy and the privacy of others. If a patient posts personal health information, it is done so by the patient in the patient’s sole discretion and is not a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Posts made on this site are the views of the individual and do not reflect the views or opinions of Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers.

Page Rules:

Please contribute to the page and interact with other community members with respect and privacy in mind. Do not post content that infringes any person’s legal rights, including any right of privacy or publicity. We ask that you do not share detailed personal medical information on this page, especially medical information that you do not wish for others to see as this page is open to the public.

Do not engage in personal attacks against other users, use profanity, defamatory language or hateful speech, or threaten others on the page. Comments that are disparaging, hurtful, profane, obscene, untrue, misleading, harassing, infringing, mention a staff member by first and last name, or are otherwise inappropriate or unlawful may be removed by Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, in our sole discretion.

Do not spam us or use this area to solicit business or promote a commercial product; blatant spam and advertising will be removed. We reserve the right to hide or delete posts/comments or ban users who ignore these rules.

Thank you for visiting our page. We look forward to receiving constructive feedback that is offered in a respectful manner.