Benefits of Referring Patients to RMCC

Our team is composed of physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses and other professionals who specialize in medical oncology, hematology, gynecologic oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, and palliative care. We work collaboratively with each other and with you to provide high quality, evidence-based care.

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What Makes Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers the Preferred Choice in Colorado?

Since 1992, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers has defined the standard of cancer treatment, treating more adult cancer patients than any other organization in Colorado.

Today, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers (RMCC) is the largest multidisciplinary practice on the Colorado Front Range dedicated solely to providing state-of-the-art care for patients with cancer and diseases of the blood. 

Our independent, community-based model of cancer care means that patient-centered, evidence-based treatment is always close to home.

We are an independent, physician-owned practice.

This means that we have the freedom to make the care decisions that benefit our patients and their families – not health systems.

We offer unmatched experience, expertise, and access.
  • RMCC providers have a combined 150+ years of experience.
  • There are more than 500 clinical trials available to your patients.
  • We provide our physicians’ cell phone numbers to referring providers so that you can easily reach us by phone with any questions or urgent cases.
We uphold a lower cost of care.

We are committed to providing unmatched quality care while keeping patients’ cancer costs low. We achieve this through our participation in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s Oncology Care Model. For every dollar spent in the office of an independent oncologist, it’s estimated by the federal government the spend will be $1.80 with an oncologist employed by a hospital system. It doesn’t mean you receive lesser care at RMCC. It means patients receive the very best care that happens to be at a better price. We decrease the total cost of cancer care by:

  • Utilizing fiscally responsible drug strategies.
  • We have our own pharmacy with staff that specializes in oral oncolytics.
  • We offer diagnostic imaging services.
  • Utilizing Navigating Care; a remote symptom, side-effect, and medication management system.
  • As a member of The US Oncology Network, our physicians maintain their independence, but get the support of a management company that has deep expertise in oncology practice management and value-based care delivery.
We provide increased patient care quality.
  • Communicating and coordinating care with all providers.
  • Measuring patient satisfaction and creating ongoing strategies to improve the patient experience.
  • Providing pain assessment and management.
  • Offering additional patient support services (financial, clinical, nutrition, weight loss, smoking cessation).
We utilize treatment pathways for the most successful outcomes.

Value Pathways powered by NCCN™ (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) are treatment pathways that highlight evidence-based treatment options based on efficacy, toxicity and an evaluation of financial impact to patient and payer (Medicare reimbursement). The pathways are a refinement of the NCCN Guidelines and the result of combined efforts through a collaboration between three organizations: NCCN, McKesson and The US Oncology Network. Value Pathways powered by NCCN is a shorter, distilled list of treatment choices that support the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective patient care.


Consistently High Patient Satisfaction

RMCC implements a widely used methodology known as the Net Promoter Score, which allows for the real-time evaluation of service quality and patient satisfaction. By industry standards, a score of 75 percent or above is considered high. Consistently scoring above 80 percent, RMCC ranks among the highest recorded in any industry.


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Clinical Excellence With a Personal Touch

At RMCC, our search for new treatments is relentless. Our drive to provide superior care runs deep. And our fight against cancer is personal. Our independent, physician-led practice is known for delivering clinical excellence combined with unmatched personal and emotional support in neighborhoods through the front range.


Our Approach to Caring for Your Patients

At its heart, our approach to cancer care is simple - to surround our patients with everything they need so they can focus on what matters most: beating cancer. 

At RMCC, we offer:

  • Renowned experts aggressively attack cancer with every possible strategy.
  • Our nationally recognized clinical trials team is located here on the front range and engaged in a passionate search for innovative treatments.
  • A team of professionals that helps patients and their families manage the day-to-day challenges that come with a diagnosis.

Clinical Services Offered in Colorado

Innovative Clinical Trials

Clinical Research Trials available to patients to evaluate new treatments and combinations of treatments.


Diagnostic Imaging Services includes CT and PET/CT scanners in many clinics and our Mobile PET/CT Coach.

Pathology and Lab Services

On-Site Laboratories providing rapid turnaround for many tests including:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Chemistry Tests
  • Clotting Tests
  • Tumor Markers

Integrated and Support Services

Oral Pharmacy

Medically-Integrated Dispensing Pharmacy ready to fill oncolytic and supportive care prescriptions with a dedicated team.

Survivorship Follow-Up Care for Primary Care Providers

It’s important to understand how best to treat patients after they’ve finished cancer treatment, as it poses unique challenges depending on the type and stage of cancer, as well as the treatment received. 

survivorship follow up care for providers

Virtual Event Videos

Our physicians host quarterly virtual events on various topics for primary care providers. We hope you'll check them out and join us for the next one.