Leukemia Care

The Most Advanced Leukemia Treatment in Colorado

The hematologic oncologic researchers at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers have been instrumental in developing new therapies that have transformed leukemia treatment and prognosis. Our team of leukemia specialists is here to guide you and your family through every step of creating a personalized treatment plan.


Teaming Up to Protect Your Health

In addition to a highly qualified leukemia doctor, your team at RMCC includes nurses, counselors, and various support staff who share a common goal – protecting your health. Our coordinated approach to leukemia treatment, delivered with sensitivity and kindness, ensure you receive the absolute best care possible.

What to Do Next If You've Been Diagnosed with Leukemia

After being diagnosed with leukemia, it’s understandable that you may have questions about what you will face in the coming days, weeks, and months. At Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, our goal is to help you address some of the questions head-on, so you can properly prepare for your first appointment. 

Leukemia Clinical Trials & Research

Our doctors have been influential in pioneering groundbreaking new therapies that offer unprecedented hope to patients with blood cancers like leukemia. Advancing cancer care through blood cancer research and innovation is part of our mission. As part of the national US Oncology Network, we are able to provide access to the latest cancer treatments and therapies available through clinical trials. 

In recent years, there has been steady advancement in the treatment of leukemia thanks to clinical research and patients who are willing to participate in trials that prove the safety and effectiveness of these new and better treatments. Our oncologists continue to actively participate in multiple clinical trials that focus on the genomics of leukemia and how to tell the immune system to respond against blood cancer cells.

Leukemia Treatments & Programs Available Through RMCC

We invite you to explore these pages to learn more about the disease, including signs and symptoms, types, diagnosis, and what treatment options you have. We are here to provide support and answer any questions you have about leukemia.


Signs & Symptoms of Leukemia

The quicker you can recognize the symptoms of leukemia, the better you can improve your chances of receiving a timely diagnosis and prompt treatment. 


Diagnosing Leukemia

Since there is no standard screening process for detecting early-stage leukemia, it is important to see your doctor regularly for a checkup. 


Types of Leukemia

Leukemia is not one disease, but several— and while they all affect the blood, not all are created equal. Some leukemias are considered ‘acute’ and others, ‘chronic.’ There are even those that emerge from ‘myeloid’ cells versus ‘lymphoid’ cells. 


Staging Leukemia

Doctors use staging to help them predict the progression of leukemia and develop an appropriate treatment plan. While most cancers are staged based on the size and spread of tumors, leukemia staging is a little bit different.


Leukemia Treatment Options

Before making the decision on the type of leukemia treatment you’ll be receiving, your cancer care team will take certain factors into consideration such as the type and cell features of your leukemia, along with others.


Causes & Risk Factors of Leukemia

While the exact cause of someone’s leukemia is typically unknown, we do understand that there are certain risk factors that are linked to the disease. Become aware of these risk factors and talk to you doctor if you feel that you make be at an advanced risk. 

Find a Leukemia Specialist Near You

The comprehensive approach offered by our leukemia team combines the most advanced treatments with education, support services, and complementary therapies.