Helping Others as A Cancer Survivor

You probably remember exactly how you felt after getting your cancer diagnosis. Most likely, you felt a range of emotions including shock, disbelief, and fear. And, even if you had friends and family on standby ready to help, you still might have felt alone. While they certainly had good intentions, understanding what you were feeling was probably a challenge unless they too had experienced cancer. What makes you different is that you’re a survivor— one who is uniquely qualified to help cancer patients.

Volunteering: A Gift to Others and to Yourself

You understand on a personal level just how hard it is to get through cancer treatment. Even the most independent people need help! Remember the times you received support during your own cancer journey? That was a selfless gift. Now that your cancer battle is over, you have the opportunity to pay that kindness forward by helping others!

The recipient will benefit from your help. But you’ll benefit from it, too! When you were being treated for cancer, you may have stopped working and/or had to rely on others to lighten the load for you during the times when you couldn’t keep up. As a result, you may have begun to doubt your self-worth and question your abilities. By helping others, you will regain your confidence and understand that you have much to offer!

Cancer Survivors Can Help Cancer Patients In Many Ways

When it comes to helping other survivors, there’s something for every type of personality. Regardless of whether you’re a “people person” or prefer to help out behind the scenes, there are plenty of opportunities you’re sure to find suitable. Some positions you might consider could include: 

  • Attending a cancer support group that helps patients
  • Volunteering your time and talents at one of the many nonprofit organizations that exist to raise money for cancer research or patient care 
  • Working directly with patients and their families to provide aid 
  • Participating in some of the online resources, such as Facebook groups or support programs, which are helpful for those who aren’t able to get out

As a cancer survivor, what you have to offer is valuable. By giving some of your time, you will be making a big impact on the lives of others. Visit the American Cancer Society website to learn more about how you can get involved.

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