Blood Cancers & Non-Cancerous Blood Disorders

Our renowned hematology team has been influential in pioneering groundbreaking new therapies that offer unprecedented hope to patients with blood cancers and non-cancerous blood disorders.

We provide the most advanced treatments for all types of cancers of the blood, including leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.  In addition, we are a regional leader in providing care for non-cancerous blood disorders like anemia and blood clots.

Our team of experienced providers, led by board-certified hematologists, develops personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient. On a national level, our hematologists work with other leaders within our affiliated U.S. Oncology network of experts to develop therapies for patients with blood cancers and other blood disorders.

We begin each patient’s personalized treatment with a precise diagnosis. Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers is one of only a few community oncology centers that features on-site flow cytometry, a test used to diagnose blood cancers. Our on-site flow cytometry provides rapid turnaround within 24 hours, allowing for quick and reliable diagnosis of blood cancers.

We offer leading-edge care close to home, and our experts are available for consultation usually within 24 to 48 hours.

Our blood disease treatment specialties include: