Laboratory Services

Comprehensive Cancer Care with Laboratories On-SiteLaboratory at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers

At Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, we will provide you with the most comprehensive care in a convenient setting. We strive to provide the highest attainable standards of laboratory excellence and offer fully accredited Laboratory Services at many of our locations.

Laboratory testing is a key component of the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancers and blood disorders. Most patients are required to have blood drawn and laboratory work done immediately before a visit with their doctor or before chemotherapy.

Our on-site laboratories provide rapid turnaround for many tests including Complete Blood Count (CBC), clotting tests, tumor markers, and chemistry tests, and help our doctors evaluate and prescribe treatment for our patients as quickly as possible.

A flow cytometry laboratory is located in our Midtown office and services all our clinic sites. The data provided by this laser-based testing assists our providers in diagnosing and treating patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and other blood cancers.

Flow Cytometry Laboratory

It’s an unassuming-looking instrument, about three-feet-by-three-feet, small enough to fit on a desk or tabletop. But as blood or bone marrow aspirate samples pass through this machine, called a flow cytometer — at about 500 cells per second — the flow cytometer parses individual cells with a laser beam. The way each cell refracts that light tells a detailed story about how an individual’s blood cells are reproducing and functioning and whether the disease is present.

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers provides this in-house, state-of-the-art flow cytometry technology to its patients as part of its commitment to comprehensive care. RMCC physicians can craft a course of treatment for patients with a blood cancer like leukemia or lymphoma, and can carefully tailor that treatment to each person’s unique disease.

In addition to providing rapid results, offering flow cytometry in-house helps assure that test results are as accurate as possible.  The technology is used in the initial diagnosis of blood cancers such as leukemia, multiple myeloma, and lymphoma, and later tests using the flow cytometer track the effectiveness of treatment.

For questions about accessing lab results, please send a secure message via the patient portal, Navigating Care.