Information for Patients Looking for a Colorado Springs Breast Cancer Center

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Information for Patients Looking for a Colorado Springs Breast Cancer Center

A Question & Answer Session with Dr. Timothy Murphy,
Medical Oncologist and Hematologist, President, and Managing Partner for Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers (RMCC)

Oncologist Dr. Timothy Murphy, Practice President of RMCC’s Colorado Springs Breast Cancer CenterOver the course of his career, Dr. Timothy Murphy, a medical oncologist and hematologist at RMCC’s Colorado Springs breast cancer center, has watched as cancer treatment has evolved so that patients are at the center of their own team and can receive the very best oncology care close to home. Rather than being along for the ride, patients are vital participants in every decision, ensuring their needs are met at every part of their cancer journey - without having to travel far for the most advanced care. Dr. Murphy talks about what sets RMCC apart from other Colorado Springs breast cancer centers, what motivates him personally as a physician, and shares his advice for patients looking for cancer treatment in Colorado Springs.

Question: What services does RMCC offer at your Colorado Springs breast cancer center? 

Answer: Patients have 1:1 nurse navigation to assist them through this difficult period. Each patient is offered a multidisciplinary evaluation with a breast surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, reconstructive surgeon, radiologist, genetic counselor, social worker, and physical therapist. Patients are offered clinical treatment trials, when appropriate. RMCC offers our breast cancer patients the most cutting-edge treatments for surgery, radiation, and medical oncology. Plus, long-term follow-up continues long after treatments are completed, throughout our patients’ lives.

Question: What makes RMCC stand out compared to other Colorado Springs breast cancer centers?

Answer: We provide a patient-centered, team-based approach to each case. Just as importantly, RMCC has access to national high-priority treatment trials looking to improve both patient outcomes and their treatment experiences. We provide a “whole person experience” for our patients in which they are part of the team and involved in all their treatment decisions. 

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Question: If a patient has the means, is it worth getting cancer treatment at some of the more well-known medical centers in Denver or staying close to home at a Colorado Springs breast cancer center? 

breast cancer patient receives chemotherapy at Colorado Springs Breast Cancer CenterAnswer: I’m not sure you’ll find a more well-known breast cancer center than RMCC! RMCC has been delivering world-class breast cancer care up and down the Front Range of Colorado for nearly 30 years. RMCC has played a role in more than 100 FDA-approved cancer therapies, which amounts to nearly one-third of all new cancer therapies approved in the past 20 years! Additionally, being able to receive treatment near their homes in Colorado Springs is an added benefit to patients’ comfort and care. This is a stressful time for not only the patient but their caregivers. Being confident in the high quality of the care they’re receiving while staying in our community creates less stress and worry for all parties involved. 

Question: What motivates you personally about providing breast cancer treatment? 

Answer: In my career, I have witnessed the transition of world-class cancer care (where patients traveled to distant clinics to receive the most advanced care) to the community setting. Plus, I’ve seen breast cancer treatment transformed so that the patient is in the center of the process – which is as it should be. Patient-centered care, in which the patient is a vital participant in the decision-making process, empowers patients and their families and ensures that their care is personalized and all their needs are met. RMCC has led the way to the adoption of this patient-centered care approach as we have been Colorado’s leader in community oncology for nearly 30 years. 

Professionally, I’m always excited about the therapeutic advances that are being made through clinical cancer research leading to better patient outcomes. RMCC is a founding member of the national network of clinical cancer researchers, US Oncology, that has led to dozens of cancer therapy breakthroughs in the past two to three decades. And, I’m excited that I get to work alongside the noteworthy physicians here who have made treating breast cancer patients a cornerstone of our practice in Colorado Springs.  

Question: Is there any advice you’d give to a patient looking for treatment at a Colorado Springs breast cancer center that’s different from other areas?

Answer: Patients and their families can be assured that they’ll receive world-class cancer care – from diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship – right here in our community. We put our patients’ needs and desires first, providing compassionate and personalized care for each and every breast cancer patient.

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