How should I prepare for my genetic counseling appointment?

You will receive a welcome packet from our genetic counseling team after you schedule your appointment. The packet may come by email or regular mail. In the packet, there is a medical/family history questionnaire, which you must complete and submit before your appointment. This information is needed for us to prepare for your appointment and determine which genetic test is appropriate for you. If there are questions you cannot answer, please feel free to leave them blank and we will work with the information we have.

Please send a copy of any previous genetic testing results for you or your family members before your appointment for us to review. This information is important to determine which genetic test is appropriate for you.

Please send your family history questionnaire and/or prior genetic testing results to one of the following (you will be seen at the clinic location you were scheduled for, not at this office):

  • Email:
  • Mail: Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers – Genetic Counseling Department, 7951 E. Maplewood Ave. #350, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
  • Fax: 303-930-8060

What can I expect at my genetic counseling appointment?

The initial appointment takes approximately one hour. Usually, you can have your blood drawn for testing the same day as your appointment.

Genetic testing results are typically completed within one month and will be communicated to you at a follow-up appointment that takes approximately a half-hour. There are certain circumstances when genetic testing results can affect treatment/surgery decisions and may need to be communicated by phone followed by an in-person appointment.

What is the cost of genetic counseling appointment?

  • If you are already a current patient at any of our clinics and have medical insurance, see the Current RMCC Patients section in the chart below.
  • If you are not a patient at any of our clinics yet and have medical insurance, see the New RMCC Patients section in the chart below.
  • If you are uninsured or self-pay (whether or not you are a current patient), costs for the appointments range from $75.25 – $150.50. 
RMCC Patients
RMCC Patients

If you have questions about a bill you receive for your genetic counseling appointment, please call the number listed on your bill.

What is the cost of genetic testing (lab work)?

This will be further discussed at your appointment as it is dependent on your personal/family history, insurance type, laboratory, genes ordered, and many other factors.

Many insurance companies cover the cost of genetic testing when certain medical/family history criteria are met. Prior authorization is often required and completed by the genetic testing lab when they receive your sample. Most people pay between $0 and $100, and the lab will contact you if the cost to you will be more than $100. If your insurance company denies testing or you are uninsured, there are self-pay options available at a reduced price (ex. $250), or you can choose to cancel testing at no additional cost.