When breast cancer treatment is on the horizon, it’s important that you’re in good hands. And while there are many oncologists and surgeons who can treat breast cancer, most of them do not specialize in it like the team at Rocky Mountain Breast Specialists.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Treating Breast Cancer

Breast cancer and other breast diseases often require treatment from many different specialists and medical professionals. At Rocky Mountain Breast Specialists, we bring together experts who understand the most recent approaches to breast cancer treatment along with a comprehensive supportive care team. This is so we can offer a total breast cancer treatment program to each of our patients throughout Colorado. 


Who is on your breast cancer team?

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Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Clinics in Colorado

This multidisciplinary team at RMBS offers expertise in all areas of breast care.

Medical Expertise

  • Medical oncologists who specialize in breast cancer treatments using chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy treatments.
  • Breast cancer surgeons who perform the latest surgical procedures including breast-conserving lumpectomy, nipple-sparing and skin-sparing mastectomy, lymph node surgery, oncoplastic surgery, and reconstructive surgeries. RMBS Breast Cancer Surgeons are located in Longmont and Louisville. In other areas of Colorado, our breast cancer oncologists work closely with trusted breast surgeons.
  • Clinical trials provide access to promising new therapies for breast cancer.
  • Radiation therapy that includes leading-edge technology and treatments like Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), and brachytherapy.
  • Resources for second opinions for patients and their referring providers.
  • Genetic testing to help identify risk for hereditary cancers and to create more personalized treatment strategies.
  • Diagnostic imaging services, including PET and CT to assist in evaluation and treatment planning as well as follow-up care.

Supportive Care


Free Guide for Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients

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What to Expect When You Choose an RMBS Specialist

When choosing a breast cancer doctor with RMBS, you have access to the full extent of the practice’s experience, technologies, and support. Many people ask about who they should meet with first, second, and so on. We recommend choosing one of the breast cancer clinics near you to book an appointment with one of our medical oncologists. Sometimes the breast surgeon will be at the same location and available to meet with you the same day. During your initial consultation, the medical oncologist will review with you important information. It may be helpful to bring someone with you and take notes so you will remember some of the key information shared during the session. Find a breast cancer specialist near you.

Here is some of what you can expect to take away from your first appointment with the breast cancer specialist:

  • The type of breast cancer: There are several different types, each affecting how treatment will proceed.
  • Stage of cancer: By looking at your images and your breast biopsy report, the medical oncologist will be able to closely determine the stage. 
  • Plan for additional testing: The medical oncologist may feel as though the cancer has spread outside of the breast and additional imaging may be needed.
  • Surgery options: The medical oncologist can give you a recommendation on the type of surgery they recommend. However, your breast cancer surgeon will discuss this further with you based on the size and location of the cancer and your personal preferences. 
  • Types of treatments needed: There are several types of cancer treatments that many breast cancer patients receive. The specific plan will be based on type, stage, and your overall health condition. However, the medical oncologist will have a general sense of what will work best for you and talk about that in your first meeting.
  • Timing of treatments: Will you have surgery before other treatments? Will you need radiation or chemotherapy to shrink the tumor prior to surgery?
  • Available assistance through the practice: The medical oncologist, or triage nurse, who will help you throughout your treatment at RMBS, will let you know about various resources that may be helpful for you and your family. This might include mental health support, emotional support, financial coordination to cover the cost of treatments, etc. 

Comprehensive Care from Our Team of Experts

This cancer care team will guide you on your journey to health. Our hope is that by working together, we can develop a more personalized and cohesive treatment plan that will offer you the best outcome and quality of life possible. From a breast cancer diagnosis to survivorship, the team at RMBS is by your side every step of the way.

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