Individualized Breast Cancer Treatment

RBreast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States, with roughly 250,000 new cases diagnosed in women, and nearly 3,000 in men, each year. But at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, we know that each of those cancers is unique – just as each cancer patient is unique. That is why we carefully analyze each tumor, and create a breast cancer treatment plan that will most effectively fight that specific disease, and best meet each patient’s personal needs and goals. Our physicians also participate in multidisciplinary conferences and tumor boards to ensure patients receive the most comprehensive care possible.

At Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, patients and physicians work together, developing relationships that continue throughout treatment and through years of follow-up care.

Clinical research trials represent some of the most advanced treatment options

Breast Cancer: Prevention & Risk Assessment Clinic

Genetic abnormalities account for about 10 percent of diagnosed cases of breast cancer. Researchers have identified several changes in genes, called mutations, which may increase risk of developing breast cancer.

If one or more close family members has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you may benefit from our Genetic Counseling, Prevention, and Risk Assessment Clinic to help you accurately evaluate your own cancer risk. Our collaborative program uses personal history, family history, and genetic testing to help build a customized program of assessment and surveillance.

Our program is unique because it includes a collaborative approach to surveillance and risk reduction involving both a medical oncologist and a board certified genetic counselor. Our team of experts will develop a personalized medical management plan which may include more frequent or younger ages of mammograms or breast MRI’s, lifestyle modification strategies or medications.

Learn more about genetic testing and risk assessment at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers.

Clinical Trials for Breast Cancer Patients

At Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, advancing cancer care through research and innovation is part of our mission, and we are committed to providing patients access to the latest therapies available through clinical trials.

We are committed to providing patients access to the latest therapies available through clinical trials. Learn more about the breast cancer clinical research trials  we offer.

Supportive Care for Breast Cancer Patients

At Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, we are committed to a partnership between patients and caregivers, and we believe in treating the whole person, not just the disease. We offer emotional support programs designed to help patients and caregivers cope with issues surrounding cancer treatment. Another resource is the Pink Ribbon Survivors Network, an online education and support resource for cancer survivors and primary care providers who care for breast cancer survivors.

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